Our history

At Carles Miró S.L. we are specialists in the production of all types of event accreditations, to the very highest standards.

Our company started back in 1987 when we first began our work in graphic design, car and truck wrapping and the production of lanyards and event credentials.

The wealth of experience that we have gained over more than 20 years, allows us to take on new projects from consulting, design and the production of all types of accreditations necessary for any type of event around the world.

We are proud of having many satisfied clients who have entrusted their projects to us.

In 2015 alone, we developed more than 500,000 different products.



Why Choose Us

The function of our lanyards is to provide comfort.


The card of our custom lanyard it’s also adaptable to the needs of each client.

Exclusiveness of our custom lanyards.

Lots of small details that make the difference.