New acquisition! Digital Printing

We will have the new Xerox PrimeLink C9065 printer to continue improving and offer you the best technology for your digital printing works and business needs.  

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MotoGP 25 years racing together lanyard

MotoGP 25 years racing together lanyard is available for collectors and enthusiasts. 2016 is a special season in MotoGP as it means the first 25 years of collaboration and consensus between the FIM, IRTA, the MSMA and Dorna. MotoGP is seeing a season-long celebration with special events and exhibitions at every Grand Prix, under a…

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Product Emotion Case

In the 2014-2015 season we create an EMOTION CASE for the Formula E World Championship.

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Developed in 2015

At Carles Miró SL we are  specialists in the production of all types of event accreditations, to the very highest standards. In 2015 alone, we developed more than 500.000 different products.

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