At Carles Miró, the production of an access pass is a journey we share with our client. It starts from the initial design and ends at the delivery of the final product to our client or even personally to the guests of his event.

The development of an access pass is a challenge at several levels since it must represent an object to connect our client’s customers and guests with his brand. For a while, all those costumers and special guests will wear our client’s brand as a complement to their clothing.

That’s why the access pass has to comply with a high grade of design, it needs to give that implied attribute of exclusivity that will make the attendants want to wear it.

But it’s not all about design. In accordance with the design, an access pass has to include a number of security features to prevent its falsification. Security features such as an holographic foil design, an RFID chip allowing individual identification of every single access pass, unique passes by using the name and photograph of its holder. Or maybe some text in special inks

Regarding the design, in Carles Miró we have the most advanced technology, allowing us to produce access passes with the only limit of the imagination.

But in terms of security, every security system will fit a specific recquirement. In example, holograms will prevent falsification. A photograph will prevent a holder to sell its pass. RFID technology allows fast movement of lots of people within several venues or places inside the enclosed area and they’re recommended in holiday resorts, music festivals, big sports events… So the access passes from Carles Miró are at on the cutting edge both in design and in security terms.