The top 5 points that make our custom lanyards your best choice at all

By now, everyone knows what the custom lanyards are, and for sure we all have some lanyards at home from several events we have attended or we have been part of it.

They are so popular because of their great utility. They let us free the both of our hands while they keep holding something important close to us. Just remember referees in sports; they’ve been using lanyards for a very long time to hold their whistles.

And did you know that the origin of the lanyards comes back from the sixteenth century?

So lanyards are not an object from our times, but our times technologies have updated their uses. Now you can actually find lanyards at a very large range of situations.

We specialize in designing and producing the best quality lanyards you can find. We’ve been producing custom lanyards since more than 20 years. And so far, we have not stopped innovating every year.

Our custom lanyards are the most comfortable, even if you wear them for long periods. Furthermore, we can produce woven, serigraphy and sublimated lanyards with any design, logo or image.

We deliver lanyards to companies organizing events as big and high quality demanding as Formula E, MXGP, MotoAmerica or Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya. And we manage the accreditation system of some of the world’s largest events such as MotoGP World Championship, with our personal and vehicle credentials, wristbands, vests, bibs, and samples to the all circuits entrances.

Our custom lanyards meet 5 points that make them unique:

  1. The function of our ribbons is to provide comfort. We select the best fabrics and the best fibers to produce our custom lanyards. We have developed a seamless ribbon without dangerous edges, which at the same time allows us to design and print continuous designs all around it.
  2. Safety first. Our custom lanyards are safer because they meet a higher amount of safety devices simultaneously. We can include hologram, numeration, barcode; photo, name company and security chip at the attached card. Making each credential unique.
  3. The card of our custom lanyard it’s also adaptable to the needs of each client. We can produce cards of different sizes and materials with high resolution and full colour.
  4. Exclusiveness of our custom lanyards. We can also make individual custom boxes, each one of them particular to their recipient like a jewel, to keep a custom lanyard in perfect condition until the time of its delivery.
  5. Lots of small details that make the difference. Our custom lanyards can also include a custom clip and any metal badge engraved with the customer’s logo or design. We can customize the cardholder, and we can include labels of the event.

These were five of the main strengths of our custom lanyard. Our commitment to excellence in custom lanyards requires us to meet any customer requirement and to remain the best choice for those who demand high standards in custom lanyards. We are Carles Miró and We deliver the excellence on custom lanyards.