As you may know, event lanyards are currently a textile ribbon worn around the neck to hold and carry such items wich need to be visible

Such objects are usually identification cards or badges, and sometimes they are all kinds of stuff like pens, keys or flash drives.

The most common use of our event lanyards is to hold an ID card that provides a certain level of access to their carrier at a given event, but we can find lanyards in a wide range of applications, i.e. from lanyards for keys, lanyards for fairs and congresses and also for all types of sport events.

Anyway, whatever the use of the lanyard it is always a very visible object, so it offers an opportunity to be used in marketing as a great branding solution.

In any event, the use of event lanyards helps the event organizer to maintain permanent impact of his brand messages, slogans and logos to their customers and guests. It strengthens certain aspects inherent in the psychology of human beings such as the belonging to a group.

Event lanyards from Carles Miró, in addition to that good environment for branding actions, they could be your best choice as they meet a number of factors that bring unmatched quality. Here is an abstract about those factors, You can also read “The top 5 points that make our custom lanyards your best choice at all” for further info.


  1. Our Ribbon: we have the most comfortable ribbon you can find. We’re always looking for the maximum comfort by combining the best fiber with a special seamless design.


  1. Safety: our custom lanyards meet a lot of safety devices simultaneously, forget about imitations and false accreditations.


  1. The card itself: we can make almost everything in terms of shape, size, color, resolution, etc. It’s your event lanyard!


  1. exclusiveness: we offer single and exclusive custom boxes, and services such the delivery to your most important guests.


  1. Those small details: we can engrave your logo into custom clips, cardholders and metal badges, attached in the ribbon or embedded in the card.


After all, our event lanyards are used in the most exclusive events around the world.

We have the lanyards your event deserve, we are Carles Miró, call us today!